Recycled Rags

Recycled Rags
PHONE: 01622 236030
Recycled Rags
PHONE: 01622 236 303
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Recycled Rags
High Quality Cleaning Products From Serpro

High Quality Rags and FREE UK delivery from Serpro

SERPRO has cleaning towels, cloths and rags for every task. We have lint free, streak free, ultra absorbent, economical, durable and re-washable rags. Whether you need cleaning rags for home or office, auto, boat, or your favorite sport or hobby, you'll find it here. For the best value cleaning cloths, towels and rags, SERPRO can help.
Some of Our Best Sellers
A1 White Rags
Product Description:
10Kg Compressed bale Quality cut, white, mixed grade rags.
Cost effective solution for your polishing and wiping requirements.
Suitable for general use, mopping oils and non-corrosive chemicals.

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T-shirt Rags
Product Description:
Quality cut, mixed coloured, T-shirt grade rags.
A soft cotton wipe suitable for general purpose use, mopping oils and non-corrosive chemicals.
Cost effective solution for your wiping requirements.

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Premium White Linen Rags
Product Description:
Premium quality white linen rags.
Perfect for high-spec cleaning, wiping and finishing.

Supplied in 5KG dispenser boxes

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white recycled rags
white recycled rags
white recycled rags
Our Newest Product

A specially designed and repackaged case of high quality T-Shirt rags.

This outer comes with three compressed bales of 9.5KG packs of rags. This special weight and case size has been made to come within most carriers weight and size limits. This reduces shipping costs and this ultimately means a great saving for you.

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In the Workshop

It may seem old-fashioned but many mechanics would agree that there is nothing like a rag for wiping hands, cleaning car parts, wiping up small spills. You should be careful with the rags when you've finished with them and and store them in a lidded can, with some oils and greases being flammable you don't want them being ignited by a stray spark.
General Cleaning

There is no real substitue for rags when it coming to general cleaning duties. For commercial cleaning in kitchens and wiping down surfaces, rags will always give a really good result. For polishing and shining a rag always sems to reign supreme, from polishing chrome fixings and shining wooden furniture, to providing a streak free finish to windows and mirrors.
Finishing and Detailing

In the auto industry a soft rag always seems to provide the perfect finish when detailing the dashboard of a car. Getting in the spaces that only a rag can get into without turning into a flaky mush, it is simply the best. Bringing up a superb lustre to a vehicles bodywork, the humble rag is always the valets favourite.

About Us

SERPRO are a leading supplier of industrial workshop cleaning rags, industrial wipers and polishing cloths. If you need T-Shirt Rags, Lint Free Linen Rags, Towelling Rags, Sweatshirt Rags or just A1 Coloured Rags we have the product for you.

All of our rags are a recycled 'second-life' product. Our rags are de-buttoned and de-zipped and heavy seams are removed. They are washed and cleaned and safe to handle straight from the bale. This ensures our rags are supplied to you with the highest quality.

Cleaning, wiping and polishing are an integral part of many jobs in production and maintenance and choosing a cloth rag that does what you need it to need not be massively expensive. Our recycled rags and cloths provide you with a greener alternative to paper or non-woven products.

We supply wipes and rags to Automotive, Engineering, Printing, Valeting, Aviation, Marine, Refinishing, Anodising, Flooring, Marble Finishing, Cleaning industries.

Call Us now on 01622 236303 or Come On Over to our main SERPRO site for more details.

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Recycled Rags
PHONE: 01622 236 303
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